Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe

The idea to stat up Sokka as a BoL hero came to me tonight when my daughter and I were watching Season 2 of Avatar.  I've represented him as he is at the end of Season 3 (just before the series finale—where he appears to lose both boomerang and "Space Sword").  At that point in his career, he is (or is about to turn) sixteen, a perfect age for a hero about to begin the adult phase of his adventurous career.

Attributes were no problem: Sokka's quirky intellect and ability to see what others fail to notice made it easy to justify a Mind of 3, and I put the other point in Agility.  Combat abilities were also fairly straightforward: Sokka's fighting skills seem to consist of an emergent talent with the sword (Melee 1), the luck not to get hit by better fighters (Defense 1), and a high level of skill with his boomerang and other thrown weapons (Ranged 2).

Careers represented the biggest challenge, but the three seasons of Avatar gave me some ideas.  As a member of the Southern Water Tribe, Sokka has an initial career of Barbarian 1, reflecting his ability to survive in the harsh conditions of the southern polar regions.  His career of Poet is largely based on the haiku contest in "Tales of Ba-Sing-Se" and on the advice he gives to his Fire Nation double in "Ember Island Players."  I've left the career rank at 0, though, since Sokka's performance abilities are more innate than trained.  Artificer 1 (coupled with his high Mind score of 3) simulates Sokka's inventive side, while Soldier 2 represents both his natural aptitude as a leader of men and his experience fighting the Fire Nation over the course of the series.

Strength 0
Agility 1
Mind 3
Appeal 0

Brawl 0
Melee 1
Ranged 2
Defense 1

Barbarian 1
Poet 0
Artificer 1
Soldier 2

Lifeblood 11
Hero Points 6

Very light armor (d3-1 protection)
Boomerang (d6-1 damage, ? range)
"Space Sword" (d6 damage)

Born Sailor
Marked by the Gods



  1. Good to someone throw so love Avatar's way.

    BoL has always interested me and your pulp (and now animation) adaptions have got me even more interested.

    Not being terribly familiar with BoL, how would you handle bending in it?

  2. Oooo, bending in BoL--that's a tall order, especially since I'm new to the system.

    I think you'd have to add a career of (Water/Earth/Fire/Air)-Bender and then modify the existing sorcery rules to simulate different magnitudes of Bending. That said, Bending would need to be much easier than sorcery; the show's benders use it constantly without much need for recharge . . . I dunno. Anyone else out there with some ideas?


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