Know, oh prince . . .

An introduction, however brief, is probably necessary at this point.  The immediate rationale for Vargold's existence is to serve as an archive for the Barbarians of Lemuria game I've just started running.  Thus you'll see character write-ups, monster stats, and the like as time goes by.  But I'm also going to reserve the right to occasionally use the blog as a sounding board for my thoughts on RPGing and fantasy literature as well.

A comment about the blog's name.  Vargold (ON "wolf-time") is a compound noun taken from a passage in the Völuspá, the first poem in the Poetic Edda.  Here's the passage in the 1968 translation of the poem by W. H. Auden and P. B. Taylor:
Brother shall strike brother and both fall,
Sisters' sons defiled with incest;
Evil be on earth, an age of whoredom,
Of sharp sword-play and shields clashing,
A wind-age, a wolf-age till the world ruins:
No man to another shall mercy show.
It seemed like an appropriate term to use for a sword-and-sorcery gaming blog. :)


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