Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd

The following set of stats represents Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd as he appears at the start of "Ill Met in Lankhmar."  (As "The Circle Curse" reveals, Fafhrd and the Mouser gain a great many Advancement Points in the three years of exile following the events of "Ill Met.")  "Barbarian" is an obvious career choice.  "Minstrel" corresponds to Fafhrd's skaldic training in the Cold Wastes; it also reflects the actor's training he acquires from his brief time with Vlana.  "Pirate" has a rank of 0 because "The Snow Women" makes it clear that Fafhrd only went a-viking the one time--and spent much of it talking to Mouse.  "Thief" also has a rank of 0: it's clear from "Ill Met" that Fafhrd's thieving upon his arrival in Lankhmar mostly consists of mugging other thieves.

Strength 2
Agility 1
Mind 0
Appeal 1

Brawl 1
Melee 2
Ranged 0
Defense 1

Barbarian 2
Minstrel 2
Pirate 0
Thief 0

Lifeblood 12
Hero Points 6

Very light armor (protection d3-1)
Sword named "Graywand" (damage d6)

Marked by the Gods (gains an extra Hero Point)
Snow Tracker (rolls extra die when tracking creatures in snowy and icy conditions)

Country Bumpkin (rolls extra die when confronted with urban survival)


  1. I read your post back when you made it, but I only just realized upon reviewing it now that Fafhrd was quite good with the bow, including from horseback.


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