Keeping Score

Tim (Irryn's player in the Friday night BoL game) has asked me to maintain a public kill counter for the campaign.  As a generous GM, I have obliged him.  Look for it over in the righthand column of the blog.

Of course, it turns out that Irryn is the kill leader . . .


  1. Great idea! Looks like Daneel and Segdral are a bit behind. : )
    My copy of BoL came today, good stuff!

  2. As I mentioned in the session summary, Irryn is a horrible kill-stealer. Daneel and Segdral had assists on all three of Irryn's kills. Dakar is so bad ass that his kills were essentially one-shot deals.

  3. Kill! Kill!! Kill!!!

    Oh. Oops. Sorry. I'll go now.


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