Digital Vision Cards 1: Vladimir Kush

Ever since the Everway RPG was published back in 1995, its fans have been supplementing the official Vision Card pictures with images found online. In that spirit (and because the recent Kickstarter has returned Everway to attention), I'm starting a series here on the blog to highlight artists whose work is both inspirational and suited to the assumptions about fantasy that Everway makes.

The first artist I'm featuring is self-described "Metaphorical Realist" Vladimir Kush. His work stems from the Surrealist tradition, but the line between the fantastic and the surreal has always been a thin one. Images like the one at the head of this post ("In Full Sails," my favorite of his oil paintings) make for perfect digital Vision Cards, and I recommend them to Everway players and GMs.

A similar painting ("Departure of the Winged Ship") suggests a realm in which all oceangoing vessels are powered by the wings of giant insects.

"Heavenly Fruits," on the other hand, conjures up the idea of a realm where trees are essentially floating arboreal "clouds," capable of being harvested by hand when the wind is quiet.

Finally, Kush's notes for a painting like "Dragon Defence" can be straight-up borrowed for an Everway game: what if a realm-spanning defensive wall is actually a slowly moving earth dragon?


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