Everway Silver Anniversary Edition Kickstarter Live

I'm excited to report that the Kickstarter for the Silver Anniversary Edition of the Everway roleplaying game has just gone live. (Incidentally, so has this blog: surviving 2020 took a lot out of me, and blogging about RPGs wasn't part of the survival plan.) The new edition looks like a great improvement to an already lovely game, providing much more scaffolding for players and GMs to interact with the Thousand Worlds: for example, there are now guidelines for how to create the Boons that Everway Heroes receive as rewards, and the city of Everway has been given a setting overhaul, placing it into a regional context on its home Sphere (and thus making it more than just a waystop). The game's publishers (The Everway Company) have put together a more detailed guide to the revision, complete with some very enticing images of pages and rules material. Once I get a chance to look over the new books myself, I hope to publish more Everway-related material here.


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