Wednesday, November 5, 2014

[Beyond the Wall] Revised Edition On the Way

When Peter Williams of Flatland Games posted this Jon Hodgson image in the BtW thread on RPGnet, I was all

Then he went and posted this image of new Erin Lowe artwork:

And I was all

Today the bastard went and added this image to the thread:

Frickin' Larry MacDougall. Why do you torment me so, Peter? Why? Sell me the damn game already!

As my daughter said back when she was in preschool, "Patience hurts you."

(They were trying to teach her "Patience is a virtue," but my little girl knew more about patience than that.)


  1. Here's what Peter has to say about the contents of the revised game:

    "This is not a new edition of Beyond the Wall. All previous material (including earlier copies of the core game) should remain completely serviceable. With only a very few, small exceptions, this re-release involves the addition of material, not the changing of material.

    So, what can you expect? Let's start with the obvious stuff:

    -much more art, some in color, some in black and white
    -a prettier manuscript (we hope!)
    -typos fixed throughout
    -the book will be a single volume, with page numbers running throughout, though it is still divided into sections if anyone wants to print them as separate booklets still

    More exciting to people, I am sure:

    -a new Scenario Pack - The Angered Fae. Someone in the village has unwittingly upset the fae, who are now causing havoc with your friends and neighbors. The heroes will have to traverse the realm of the faeries in order to settle the matter.
    -a much extended Bestiary (almost 50 new monsters). We really tried to focus in on monsters that would "feel" particularly Beyond the Wall. We have also included lots of story hooks in the Bestiary to help GMs come up with quick adventure ideas that, again, "feel" like BtW.
    -some new spells (13 to be precise).
    -some extra rules material and advice on skills, perception and searching, and group activities and the helping rules.
    -our version of a simple reaction table and using your Charisma to impress NPCs.
    -some more on hirelings, including tables with prices and some suggestions about hirelings becoming Allies.
    -a small, but super cool new rule regarding true names; there is a reason now to share your true name with your closest friends.

    When we release we will make sure that people have access to a list of the things that changed from the original version. In short, a few rituals got clarified and reworded, and some monster xp values got changed."

  2. Will the print version be available overseas?
    You should kickstarter it and see how it goes