Monday, April 12, 2010

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Barbarian-Themed Blog . . .

My Friday night group's Fourth Edition D&D game came back to life yesterday after a year-long hiatus.  The heroes (including my dragonborn warlord Sergeant Kesek) finally managed to make their way to the Tower of Mad Mungus, a supposedly long-dead wizard known for his uncanny experiments in hybridization.  The most significant aspect of the session involved the monsters we fought, a veritable honor roll of D&D standards: stirges, bulettes, and owl bears.  Although I've been gaming for nigh on thirty years (got the Holmes Basic Set for either my tenth birthday in 1979 or for Christmas later that year), I've never previously encountered a single stirge, bulette, or owl bear.  So label me honored to have at long last met these lovely animals, brought to loving life by miniatures.

Of course, I killed them and took their stuff.


  1. Oh yeah! That's what it's all about. sounds like a fun session

  2. It was. The GM put up a session summary with photos of the carnage; I've edited the blog entry to include a link to his page.

  3. Me on the other hand, I can't seem to run a campaign without stirges showing up at some point. If they're not programmed into an encounter, they inevitably turn up on a random encounter.

    My players have accused me of harboring an unreasonable love of stirges, but I swear it's all coincidence!

    I think an owlbear featured in a campaign I ran once. I've always wanted to unleash a bulette, but the time has not yet presented itself.