Hulks & Horrors: Faraday King, ABD

For once, I'm getting some actual play out of a game book I've purchased: I've rolled up a character for a PBP Hulks & Horrors game run by John Berry himself. The game will be taking place in theRPGsite's PBP forum under the rubric of "The Korathraz Conflict"; there are still a few spots open for characters from interested players.

The character is a Scientist named Faraday King, ABD. (For those not familiar with academic shorthand, "ABD" stands for "All But Dissertation.") He only has 4 hp, so I haven't done a lot of work fleshing him out. For now, he's just a wet-behind-the-ears graduate student who's been unleashed from the lab to carry out field research on the Precursor cultures of Korathraz Sector.

Name: Faraday King
Class: Scientist
Level: Intern (1st)
Languages: Tradespeak, Scilang, Precursor-A


Hit Die: d6
Saving Throw: +1 WIS
Weapons: Pistol, Dagger
Armor: Light
Preferred Environment: Oxygen, Medium Gravity
Starting Credits: 1,200


Hit Points: 4
Armor Class: 7
Melee To-Hit: +0
Ranged To-Hit: +0
Carrying Load: 55 lbs. (29 lbs. carried)


STR: 11
INT: 15 (Charge +2)
WIS: 10
DEX: 10
CON: 11
CHA: 14 (3 languages)


DEX: 10
CON: 11
WIS: 11


Charge Points: 4
Lvl 1 Programs: Detect Energy, Lock Opener


Science!: See above for multi-tool’s capacity.

What Is It, Doc?: Provided multi-tool still has Charge, adds +1 to INT checks to identity foreign objects.

Overload: By overloading and destroying multi-tool, can execute one final program regardless of Charge cost. Can only replace multi-tool at home base / home ship.


Laser Pistol: 2d6H damage, 2 lbs., 180 cr.
2 magazines: 15 shots each, 2 lbs., 36 cr.
Fiberweave: AC 7, 2 lbs., 100 cr.
Filter Mask: 50cr.
Rebreather: 1 lb., 100 cr.
EarPod: 100 cr.
Collapsible Solar Panels: 10 lbs., 200 cr.
Wrist Computer: 1 lb., 200 cr.
Filter Bottle: Holds 16 oz. of water; 1 lb., 30 cr.
Pocket Knife: 1 damage, 1 lb., 20 cr.
Backpack: Carries 50 lbs., 2 lbs., 40 cr.
Electronic Torch: lights 60’ area, 24 hr. charge, 1 lb., 20 cr.
Field Ration (x5): 1 day meal each, 5 lbs., 50 cr.
Clothing: 1 lb., 20 cr.


54 cr.


  1. Very cool!
    It was so fun to run, I hope you have as much fun playing, or even more!


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