Dungeon Alphabet: Why Did No One Tell Me?

So my hardcopy of Dungeon Alphabet arrives today from Goodman Games, and I discover for the first time (having only owned the PDF version before) that Peter Mullen's stunning endpapers are in AD&D module-map blue! Frabjous day, calloo callay! Why is Peter Mullen not selling prints of his work? Or am I just too lame to find the place where he is selling prints?


  1. The 1st printing of the D.A. (which is what the PDF is based on) has the endpapers in black and white. When the book needed a second print run, Goodman Games decided to go with old school module blue, a decision I heartily endorsed!

    I love Peter's illustrations and I have this one displayed on the outside of my referee's screen whenever I run a game.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Michael. I should note that the text to which this image is appended ain't too shabby either!

  3. Funny to think the "module blue" that we are so nostalgic for was original a means of preventing photo-copying of the maps.

    I like your banner. Tyr rules.


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