Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dungeon World Kickstarter: Small Investment, Big Rewards

The Kickstarter campaign for SageKobold's Dungeon World RPG is now in its final week, and it would be an understatement to say that SageKobold has a hit on their hands. The original fundraising goal was $4,000. That was raised in the first hour of the campaign; since then, 1,645 backers—including yours truly—have contributed an additional $53,853 dollars. Stretch goal after stretch goal has been met: the backers are currently on the verge of adding Juntu's Floating Ice Hell, an adventure by Jason Morningstar, to the pot.

I'm posting about the campaign here for two reasons:

1. I selfishly want to get as much additional Dungeon World loot as I can, and more backers means more loot.

2. You can get an insane amount of great dungeon-laden stuff for the minimal bid of $5. To wit: PDF, EPUB, and HTML versions of the Dungeon World rules; the thanks of the developers in both the printed book and PDF; a wallpaper for your computer screen; two Kickstarter Exclusive Supplements (one full of monsters and another full of advanced character classes); a PDF of Dark Heart of the Dreamer, Jonathan Walton's planar adventure; a PDF of World of Dungeons, John Harper's "1970s" version of Dungeon World; a PDF of Number Appearing, Justin Wightbred's adventure and supplement featuring monstrous player characters; a PDF of War (tentative title), SageKobold's first "event" supplement for the game; and (assuming the campaign reaches $60,000 within the next six days) a PDF of the aforementioned Juntu's Floating Ice Hell adventure. Whew! Anyone who donates $25 gets softcover print versions of the Dungeon World rules, the two Kickstarter Exclusive Supplements, and Dark Heart of the Dreamer.

If you've already contributed, thanks for helping out! If you've been thinking of trying out Dungeon World, definitely take advantage of the deal described above—it's possibly the best gaming package I've seen for $5.

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  1. It's an outstanding deal. I chipped in on the Kickstarter even though I was in on the play testing. It was way too good of a deal to pass up.