Monday, August 22, 2011

Go East, Young Hobbit

Name: Hugo Hornblower

Culture: Hobbit of the Shire

Cultural Blessing: Hobbit-sense (counts twice when calculating company Fellowship rating; when making a Wisdom roll, rolls Feat die twice and keeps best result)

Background: Restless Farmer

Calling: Wanderer

Basic Attributes: Body 3 (5), Heart 6 (7), Wits 5 (8)

Common Skills: Awe 0, Inspire 0, Persuade 3 (personality); Athletics 1, Travel 2, Stealth 3 (movement); Awareness 2, Insight 2, Search 2 (perception);Explore 1, Healing 0, Hunting 0 (survival); Song 2, Courtesy 3, Riddle 2 (custom); Craft 1, Battle 0, Lore 0 (vocation)

Weapon Skills: Bow 2, Short Sword 1, Dagger 1

Endurance: 22 (Fatigue 13)
Hope: 18 (Shadow 0)

Damage: 3
Parry: 6 (9 when fighting larger foes)
Armor: 2d+1

Valour: 1
Wisdom: 2 (Virtue: Small Folk)

Specialities: Folk-lore, Herb-lore, Small, Story-telling
Distinctive Features: Eager, Trusty

Shadow Weakness: Wandering-madness

Equipment: Short sword, bow, dagger, leather corslet, cap of iron and leather, buckler, traveling gear, pipe-weed samples

A descendent of Old Toby himself, Hugo Hornblower has traveled to Wilderland from the Shire in search, not of adventure, but of new markets for his family's pipe-weed products. He's a particularly tiny hobbit, and his ill-fitting protective gear (bought on sale from a desperate Dwarf smith) makes him look a bit ridiculous. But if you let him talk to you, you may find yourself placing a rather larger pipe-weed order in no time at all.

(Essentially, Hugo is the Middle-earth equivalent of a whiskey drummer.)


  1. I am really enjoying all of these The One Ring posts and you have me looking for the game now. I am an avid player of Lord of the Rings Online and will probably translate some of those game mechanics into TOR. Thanks a million for delving into this game.

  2. Thanks--I've now committed to run the sample scenario in the Loremaster's Book for my local FLGS. If the players like the game, I will be talking with them about shifting over to a full-on campaign.

    (LOTRO is something I'd like to try, but--alas--they're Windows only.)