Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Beyond the Wall: Nobility Playbooks Now Available

Flatland Games has just released The Nobility, the first in a series of free Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures add-ons. The supplement consists of a short introductory booklet (containing guidelines for working noble characters into BTW's village creation system as well as a collection of useful NPCs or "Castle Denizens") as well as six Noble playbooks: the Apprentice Court-Sorcerer (Mage), the Forgotten Child (Rogue), the Future Warlord (Rogue / Warrior hybrid), the Gifted Dilettante (Mage / Rogue hybrid), the Nobleman's Wild Daughter (Warrior), and the Novice Templar (Mage / Warrior hybrid). So far my favorite bit is item 6 on the Wild Daughter's "How did you finally earn the men's respect?" table: "You haven't . . . yet." Cue Alanna-esque hijinks!

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